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Curaprox Tattoo CS 5460 Limited Edition

$ 10.36

Curaprox Tattoo CS 5460 Limited Edition

NOW 20% off -  only $10.36 - While supplies last!

Join the latest craze in tooth brushing with our fun and funky tattoo limited edition 5460.  Each pack comes with a duo of our infamous 5460’s and a crazy tattoo.  Limited stock available.

Probably the softest toothbrush in the World and now with added funk!

Gums simply love this toothbrush: thanks to its 5,460 CUREN® filaments.  A CS 5460 ultra soft toothbrush offers unparalleled gentleness to gums yet is unbelievably effective on plaque leaving you with a uniquely clean feel after each and every brush. So why not try it today, your gums really will love you for it. Tattoo design will vary.

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Caries protection
Clean teeth
Gum care
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Duo Pack
Special Edition
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